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Intram Gazebo - Travel Accounting Management Software

With users in more than 22 cities across India , Gazebo has proven to be a world class solution for Travel vertical . A unique mix of rich functionality, best practice and technical elegance has established Gazebo as a clear leader in the SaaS arena. Gazebo , a specialized workflow application for mid - back office automation is designed with advanced cutting edge technologies . It has revolutionized the way the industry works. Gazebo provides a unified collaborative platform, an end to end solution from (after) booking to invoicing to credit realization to statutory compliances to final culmination in financial reporting through tracking each transaction through various stages. It assists in centralizing controls and allows the various users to share a common data, thus creating valuable information bank. Consequently the travel businesses can be more productive, efficient and economical. Gazebo satiates the need for robust MIS and is positioned as a DSS product which shall provide JIT information to bring speed , accuracy and reliability in decision making.

Highlights of Gazebo

Gazebo does away with time boundaries and location limitations. It has become very important for the businesses today to reduce dependencies on manpower and the only way to accomplish this is to make the process system driven. This is exactly what Gazebo delivers. Not only the entire process gets automated, but it also allows to exercise better controls , facilitate multi tasking , eliminating human errors , brings in accuracy thus culminating in meaningful execution of commands and reporting.

Gazebo is delivered via net on a plug and play model thereby avoiding all kinds of hassles that usually arise during set up process. Being an application in nature of SaaS (Software as a Service), the need for highly configured computers, networks and related paraphernalia are not required. In other words, no client or server needs to be installed or maintained. The application can be launched / worked upon by any Internet-connected computer with browser and it is not impacted by any hardware degeneration. Further, being web delivered, the deployment time of the application is minimal, which enables the setup of business in days, not weeks. The new branches / locations can be up and running in matter of days.

Gazebo minimizes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It has a monthly subscription model wherein, usage is provided to the subscribers on ON-Demand basis and they are charged accordingly. With no specialized hardware requirement, no sophisticated networking requirements and no high caliber manpower needed to run the systems, the deployment of Gazebo actually results in lower operating costs.

Gazebo comes with GDS integration, so that the mid and back office process is seamlessly integrated with the front office process. Further still it can be integrated with any travel portal via XML / API integrations . Also it is integrated with Amex / Visa / Master.

Gazebo has superior reporting templates which deliver on-time information about the health of the organization at the click of the mouse. It has introduced the concept of Push Technology which delivers fast, prompt and reliable information to the decisions maker for decision making. This technology works by intimating the occurrence of certain types of deviant events thru e-Mail alerts to the responsible Officers who will need to decide on the corrective action to be taken.

Gazebo has an extensive Debtor Data Analytic System (d-DAS) which enables the Corporate customers a very secure and controlled access to generate MIS/reprint their transactions, etc. as desired by them in real time. This is among one of the first in Customer Services in the travel software segment.
The product comes with the highest level of 256 bit encryption certified by GeoTrust which is the world leader in service security certifications.
Keeping in mind the various other industry requirements (ranging from managing its Fixed Assets to evaluating its sales efforts and sales force), Gazebo comes along with a host of other software add-ons such as :
• easyPAY for running payroll
• marketINTELL for sales force management
• assetSECURE for fixed asset management
• Budget for business planning

Gazebo delivers its services to a wide spectrum of clients, from small, local companies to major, blue-chip international organisations.

A typical Gazebo implementation shall take between 10 – 15 days. Our experienced consulants / trainers will work with you and assist you configure the system to your organisation's specific needs.

Gazebo delivers complete automation of back office processes. Our customers benefit from streamlined and unified processes which are defined centrally , reduced operating costs,improved internal controls, and comprehensive analysis that gives greater insight into business financial indices . These benefits are simply not available to organisations using legacy systems or in-house software.

Gazebo is currently used by hundreds of users who access it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.The solutions scale from small businesses to organisations with large number of employees.

Gazebo is a hosted application that is delivered on-demand to all users via the Internet . Users work upon use intuitive, graphical screens with predefined fields and choices . Well defined business rules ensures that the data input is effected quickly and efficiently with minimal impact on time.

Organisation-wide benefits
The benefits of Gazebo encompasses all stakeholders with an interest in effective information system from the Owners to CEO to Financial Managers, Credit Controllers, Contracting staff, Sales staff, HR, Front office staff, MIS preparers etc . The positive impact extends to bottom line figures, process efficiency, effective cash management, efficient credit monitoring to effective contracting . Benefits include:
• Rapid ROI
• Focus on business
• Drive down business costs & improve efficiency
• Preventing revenue leakages
• Uniformity in pricing & Policy enforcement
• Management by exception
• Tax and auditing requirements
• 24 x 7 global, secure access for users – any time any where
• Centralization leading to better control
• Completely scalable
• High service availability
• No lock-in

Depending on the size of the organisation, a typical implementation usually takes between 15 –21 days. There is 4 days on site training . Although on line training can also be done but it is recommended that on site training be done for larger organizations. The implementation requires,involvement of one or two people from the organisation to work with the Gazebo consultant to configure the system to the organisation’s requirements.

The organization must have the following in place before cutting over to Gazebo :
1. Name , address , tele phone numbers , IATA numbers of the various branch locations.
2. Service Tax registration no.’s and product wise service tax rates .
3. Department names.
4. Names of the users along with the profile to enable setting of rights to access the application.
5. Definitions of Terms / conditions which needs to be printed on Invoice.
6. Complete GL master for Assets / Liabilities / Incomes / Expenses.
7. For accounts in the nature of credit card companies, the details of ME No, financial charges / whether it’s BTA participating.
8. TDS accounts.
9. Accounts to be grouped.
10. Classification of Creditors Accounts – product wise.
11. Complete details of contractual obligations with debtors viz credit limits, credit period, access to dDAS, E-invoicing, etc must be collated .
12. Complete details of pricing for each corporate must be collated and compiled .
13. Defining the emails to send alerts for exceptions viz customers. exceeding credit limits or failed XML or invalid PNR’s etc.


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