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assetSECURE has been designed to help the Travel Entity in managing its Fixed Assets . assetSECURE streamlines the working of admin / accounts function by providing facilities to manage the FA.

  • Control over FA
  • Classification and identification of FA.
  • Statutory compliance in terms of CARO as per Companies Act 1956.
  • Compliance of provisions of Companies Act 1956 and Income Tax Act 1961 relating to calculation of Depreciation.
  • Depreciation calculated as per both methodologies WDV as well as SLM.
  • Strict control over asset acquisition and disposal.
  • Compliance of accounting conventions relating to recognizing profit / loss on asset disposal.
  • Auto posting / journalizing of depreciation entries.
  • Auto year end transition and roll over of provisions for each class of asset.

assetsecureReporting MIS
  • Fixed Asset register.
  • Depreciation chart as per SLM and WDV method.
  • Tracking Profit or Loss against each asset disposal.
  • Trial Balance details for each class of asset - Opening and closing balances of each asset.


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