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About Us

Intram Gazebo Dot Com eTech Pvt Ltd is a young travel technology startup which was created towards end of 2013 to launch technologically advanced solutions for travel vertical . The back office being the unglamorous and the most weakest and the most neglected aspect of travel technology , it was envisioned by the promoters to revolutionize this aspect and present solutions that was bring about a paradigm change in the way back office functions are handled.

The single minded focus of Intram Gazebo was to be on the fore front of cutting edge technologies . Three years ago Intram Gazebo placed its bets on Cloud Computing . It has invested millions of rupees in creating the next generation ERP for travel business and put it on the Cloud. The power of ERP and scalability of Cloud..... the effort culminated in Intram Gazebo - India's First and the most Powerful ERP on the Cloud.

Intram Gazebo Stands For... Creativity, Focus, Integrity and Versatility
• Creativity to innovate
• Focus on your goals
• Integrity to deliver what you want
• Versatility to adapt to your needs

To be a major/dominant player in all the segments of business in which we operate. The dominance in presence must be obtained by expert domain knowledge, use of state of the art technology and skilled manpower and professionalism in management.

We have to provide innovative solutions to our customers and thereby obtain customer delight in using our services.


To achieve its professed objective of sustainable growth , Intram Gazebo deploys a mix of the following strategic approaches:

Technical Innovation
Deploying state of the art technology coupled with skilled & trained manpower.

Quality of Service
Understanding the needs of the clients and then tailor making a solution with stringent quality check that would best sub serve the aspirations and requirements of the customer. Commitment to timely delivery of services coupled with regular follow-up to ensure that services continue to meet the needs of the customer.

Unique Organization Culture
Flat and open organization structure, sensitive to employee opinion with great emphasis on skill reorientation.


Apart from our commercial objectives of progressive bottomlines, Intram Gazebo has geared up its working orientation to achieve the following objectives:

Respect Employee Opinion
Respect each other and to make our community a better place to work.

Advanced Technology
Continuously enhance the product & service offerings and to be more productive, not worrying about fear of failure.

Customer Support
Close interaction with the customers with great thanks and honesty. Provide high value excellent customer services.

Innovative Management
Observe the highest ethical standards with integrity and do our best with outstanding performance.

Creating your world through technology. We put you in control of your own space. Intram Gazebo gets you into new environment by providing intelligent total solutions.

Optimizing ROI Intram Gazebo has designed its business model to assist clients in meeting their strategic business challenges including increasing revenues, return on investment, reducing turn around time and improving productivity for a healthy bottom line.
Versatility Intram Gazebo provides comprehensive and intelligent total I.T. customized solutions viz. Management Information systems, Business Process Reengineering, Supply Chain Management, Mini Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Risk Management.

As a System Integrator, Intram Gazebo harmoniously and seamlessly integrates all facts of the business enterprise to deliver impeccable solutions.
Focus Intram Gazebo focuses on providing valuable, trusted & innovative service / support and consequently making Intram Gazebo the perfect choice for all of your unique business needs with proven expertise in every sphere of system development.

Competence Intram Gazebo strives for competence. Competence leads to excellence. We at Intram Gazebo have honed our skills over the last couple of years to excel in designing, developing, delivering and implementing solutions for our various esteemed clients.
Innovation Intram Gazebo believes in innovation. Innovation is all about looking at things in a different way, about examining the problems from different angles and different perspectives. And then zeroing in on an optimum solution. Knowing that unique problems require unique answer and at times unorthodox solutions, the minds at Intram Gazebo always explore the alternatives to give effective solutions.
Customer Care The mindset at Intram Gazebo is totally oriented towards customer care and satisfaction. Its commitment extends not only to proper implementation and maintainance of systems but also in preferring to work in league with the clients' organization to visualize possible problems and provide solutions in advance.
Commitment The methodology and tools used and strategies devised are oriented towards keeping the ownership costs low. Intram Gazebo commitment does not end by satisfying the customers but it also extends in confidence building exercise.

Intram Gazebo views every project in the context of large systems and its sub-systems, which encourages a systematic approach to problem solving. It helps and provides for experimentation, innovation and creativity for effective solutions which are feasible and practical. Intram Gazebo ensures quality through three dimensions.

Service Quality
Intram Gazebo believes in complete and absolute Customer Satisfaction. The company safeguards the clients' interests by providing extensive quality assurance programs by ensuring prompt, reliable and efficient after sales service. Further rigorous testing methodology has become a culture at Intram Gazebo and therefore gets readily extended to all the facets of our working.

Product Quality
Intram Gazebo ensures product quality through delivery of solutions according to clients' requirements. Intram Gazebo provides complete support and guidance to the client for effective transfer of skills so that implementation of recommended solutions becomes smooth. These include imparting adequate management skills, streamlining standards and procedures and monitoring of the project on continuous basis.

Process Quality
Intram Gazebo provides cost optimality through execution and utilization of the resources. At Intram Gazebo , we believe no study/ definition of problems or solutions is possible without human intervention. The total consultancy process comprises a blend of Intram Gazebo people, resources and customers.


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