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Gazebo Training Series - Walkthrough

The video gives a detailed walk through of the Gazebo application. The navigation through the software and interaction through the various forms will become a breeze after watching this video. This video is a step by step process of understanding the menu functions and various input forms - be it be invoicing for eleven products , auto postings , setting up detailed debtor pricing , dimensions for analyzing income or expenses accounts , consolidation , forex and interbranch accounting , auto or audit invoicing , GDS link ups , BTA hand offs , collection statements and detailed MIS reporting for internal , external or client purposes .

Gazebo Training Series - Leisure Accounting

This video takes you through the complete process of accounting for IBT / OBT / Domestic files . The video explains the concepts of creating Tour files or Tour job cards , creating budgets for revenue and costs , assigning suppliers for files , apportioning indirect expenses , Tour invoicing , Vendor bill passing and determining file profits or losses . The video also takes you through the process of creating MIS for tour business .

Gazebo Training Series - Implementing Gazebo

This video takes you through the pre-requisites of implementing Gazebo in your agency. After watching the video , the user shall be aware of the information requirements necessary to create meaningful master definitions , statutory mandates , MIS dimensions required in software . Successful implementation of Gazebo software requires understanding of the gazebo capabilities on offer and this video explores and explains such capabilities in great details .

Gazebo Training Series - Credit Cards Process Part-1

This tutorial shall take you through the process of using CPC / UATP / BTA / Individual credit cards in Gazebo for settling creditors liability and for discharging debtors invoices . After watching this tutorial the users shall a fair idea of the gazebo functionality and capability for plastic money usage.

Gazebo Training Series - Credit Card Process Part-2

This tutorial shall take you through the process of creating charge slip batches / statements / extracts / handoffs for onward submission to credit card issue bank for realising the money against charge created on discharge of invoices . The tutorial shall also teach the process of accounting for refund charge slips and charge backs and knocking off the open charge slips with money transfers made by credit card company against valid charge slips .

Gazebo Training Series - Walkthrough of Cruise Accounting

This tutorial takes you through the various functionalities available in Gazebo for travel agents selling Cruise product . The tutorial explains the concept of Proforma Invoice and multiple editing of Proforma before converting to final invoice , multiple receipts against a PNR , refund process and various reporting capabilities to enable the travel agency owners to monitor their business .

Gazebo Training Series - Invoices / Refunds / Vouchers

This video explains the process of generating Invoices for all the travel products viz. Air , Rail , Car Hire , Hotels , Passport , Visa , Insurance , Cruise , IBT , OBT and Miscellaneous . The video also explains the process of creating refunds for each of these products . The video thereafter explains the process of creating receipts , payments and various journals . The viewer also learns the process of editing these documents after creation , reprinting and retrieving / querying the information / documents at a later date .