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Why Gazebo

Because it is simple, yet comprehensive, while being scalable and flexible offering you several benefits such as cost savings and the power to grow. All this is enabled by a pioneering company known for delivering enterprise solutions & services .

Gazebo is the right ERP solution for all your enterprise needs, because it takes the full power of ERP and places it on the cloud. This enables you to run the required solution on the net. The software solution also comprises features which do not require you to invest on new hardware, training, or additional IT staff.

The solution is tightly packed with powerful functionalities, yet it is so simple to install and run that many of our customers opt for this technology and benefit from the Software–as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.

Gazebo is completely modular; you can choose the functions you need to achieve the perfect fit for your business. Because you pay only for what you use, on a subscription basis, you can also save money and conserve capital. And when your business changes, you can size up or size down, fast, as per your requirements.

Upgrades and updates will also no longer be difficult to obtain, for we will take care of all such needs, automatically.

fetuTake a look at the advantages you get:
  • Zero investment on CAPEX
  • Nil investment on additional IT
  • Get the solution for low monthly subscription
  • Get your ERP up and running in days
  • Enjoy its ease of use
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Scale as you grow
  • Experience its robust security
  • No investment on maintenance
  • Enjoy free automatic upgrades
  • Focus only on growing your business
  • Benefit from the enhanced visibility, and optimal utilization of materials, machinery & manpower
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory norms
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