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Gazebo can be customized. Should you wish to customize Gazebo , kindly call on the Sales team and discuss your requirements . Customization is a chargeable service .
No. Currently there are no separate versions of Gazebo on offer.
Gazebo is an evergreen solution that changes as your business changes. It gets continuously updated with new features / modules.
All you need to have is a PC / Laptop with any of the browsers viz IE 11 and above , Chrome or Safari ( mac version ) . In our ERP, no software is required at your end. All you need is an internet connection.
Your data is extremely safe when you use Gazebo . The product is hosted at certified data center in India with very rigid access and intrusion policies . Further Gazebo users Geotrust encryption.
Gazebo users highly reputed certified data center in India for hosting. These service providers, who also service the likes of core banking solutions of other vendors , support our communication backbone also . With the main service and a hot back up ( like Leased Line and ISDN ), it is extremely safe and reliable.
The benefits of having the server at Gazebo are:

  • No IT setup / EDP required
  • No Annual Maintenance Costs (AMCs)
  • No more software and hardware upgrade headaches
  • Standby technical resource not required
  • Up-to-date on the latest technology
  • Assured availability

Gazebo has got a defined methodology and a set of guidelines that enable smooth and quicker implementation. The methodology is backed by IG rich knowledge gained through implementing ERP suites for the past 18 years.
We have a 24x7 support system which will resolve all your issues. Issues can be logged on to a Call Tracking System and based on the severity of the issue due priority will be given. Call center support is based on version of the product purchased. Kindly check with our Sales Team.
To know more about Sign-up and getting started, please feel free to Contact Us.


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