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TAB – acronym for Targeted Advertising and Branding .

This solution has been designed to use property / estate embedded in the e-ticket in an innovative manner to reach the customers on the go. With lots of money being spent upon to catch the eye balls of the prospective customers , TAB allows you to optimize your capital spend in a very optimum manner . TAB guarantees you the eyeballs of your potential customer through imaginative usage of e-tickets.

TAB provides an enhanced email confirmations, eTickets, itineraries and invoices platform providing travelers with customized trip information .

fetu   Using of TAB :
  • Creates a coherent and easy to read information for your customers with YOUR branding.
  • Facilitates one format for all your booking engines.
  • Enables YOU to promote other products and services creating a new revenue stream.
  • Allows you ongoing communication with your customers throughout their trip.
  • Expands your offerings to your customers – thereby allowing you to cross sell and optimize revenues.
  • Increases customers’ retention through personalized added value to your travelers.

TAB interactive itineraries and confirmations replace the traditional, text-based document that are currently sent to travelers . TAB replaces these dull and drab text with bright, contemporary email itinerary with the Travel Agent's logo & Contact information . It further accentuates the itinerary with lively masts & banners which not only provide information about other product offerings as well as links to the full gamut of destination information and ads for travel-related products and services. These e-tickets, itineraries and email confirmations present an enormous opportunity for travel agencies, airlines, hotels and anyone who sends out email confirmations. Increasing revenues, providing better service in a way that’s branded, customized and unique while staying in touch with your customer throughout their trip.

The solution allows for a cross booking engine solution with one coherent output. In today’s interactive travel industry, the new medium presents multi-color ads, promotions and listings in a unique, interactive platform. Messages are tailored to travelers’ travel dates, destinations, city of origin, gender, flight class and other criteria. TAB arms travel agents with tools that can keep the personal touch along with supplying great professional service to their clients. There’s no longer a need for travel professionals to cut and paste their logos and contact information to make itineraries and confirmation their own. The software takes care of the branding automatically, freeing agents up to book reservations and service their clients.

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