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Gazebo Technology

  • Gazebo is "Software as a Service", which does not require the user to download any software on to their desktop.
  • Gazebo can be accessed from anywhere - office, home or an internet kiosk. It is highly secure, scalable, reliable and available (24x7).
  • It is hosted behind firewalls at certified data centers with automatic failover solutions.
  • Gazebo offers advanced password management functionality where the organisation can offer different levels of password security to employees in the organisation.
  • Gazebo uses GEO trust , the same security that banks and well-known on-line merchants use, i.e., 256k SSL, with multiple levels of encryption. The software is pen tested for hacking.
  • Gazebo supports IE 7 through 10.
  • Gazebo is built on SOA architecture . Therefore it uses an avalanche of XML / API infrastructure to enable it to communicate with various disparate systems .
  • This is a hosted application with database support for a multi-company structure to compartmentalize various users of the application.
  • SSL (https) protocol for accessing data, data stored in database(s) in an encrypted format.
  • Database(s) are highly scalable to handle complex reporting needs and large amounts of data.

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