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Tips and Tricks

Yes, it is very much possible. Follow the steps mentioned below :

  • In Menu Go to other -> select Inv mail thru CSV
  • Click on emailing of documents radio button
  • Click on download template link to download the format in which data is required to be filled in.
  • Read all the notes written in template carefully which guides you how to create excel having information of invoice no. , to email id, cc email id, subject of email.
  • Save the excel in CSV format by choosing save as option.
  • Upload the CSV file by giving the path where the same is lying.
  • The mail shall not be sent if there is an error. The error could be that the mentioned document no. does not exist in data, the email id mentioned in To or CC is spelt incorrectly or the format of csv is not exact as downloaded thru template.
  • Inv Mail thru CSV caters to all external documents ( Invoices / refunds / vouchers)

Well, Gazebo has a module named as Release card statement. Thru this module the batch created gets deleted releasing the

Refer to the steps mentioned below for releasing card statement :

  • In Menu Go to other -> select Release Card statement module
  • Now select Credit Card Company, ME number, card type, charge slip type and key in statement number which you want to release.
  • After keying in the statement number click on save.
  • Application will ask you the reason for releasing  this statement
  • Key in the reason and save.
  • After this all the charge slips linked/ tagged with this statement shall get released and thereafter you can create new statement with correct charge slips.

Yes, there is a faster option available in Gazebo. Follow the steps as mentioned below :

  • In Menu Go to Other module -> click on user related
  • The user name of logged in branch shall be available.
  • User (s) name can be selected for whom back log day’s rights needs to be updated.
  • If you want to make backlog rights zero to all the existing users than click at check box under column heading called as ‘ Backlog days’
  • If you want to update backlog rights for user(s) who does not belong to logged in branch than select the branch from branch pull down.
  • From this module you can update access allow up to, selection of missing doc, post JV with debtor and email id of the user also.
  • From this module you can also disable or make the login inactive .

Yes, do not worry there is a faster way of doing this...
Follow below steps

  • In Menu Go to other module - > and select cheque upload
  • The window will list out all the vouchers which are made without chq numbers for logged in branch. Should you want this to be done in branch other than logged in branch than select the respective branch from the pull down.
  • Now click on the download excel, and the details will come in a excel file having information of the voucher number, voucher date, account name and amount.
  • Fill the cheque number & cheque date against each voucher number.
  • Read all the notes carefully which guides how to create excel.
  • Save the excel sheet in CSV format.
  • Upload the CSV file by giving the path where the same is lying.
  • All chq numbers will be updated with the vouchers

Relax! There is a module for this also.
Just follow below steps –

  • In Menu Go to control panel and select Auto posting
  • Select the type of voucher from receipt, payments or journal voucher.
  • Select debit and credit accounts in which posting is to be done and key in the ledger narration also.
  • Along with above details also define the day of each month when you want this voucher needs to be posted and the occurrence/ no. Of time the posting is required to be done.
  • This entry will be auto posted on the date configured in the application.
  • Gazebo shall shoot a mail of the voucher posted in each month provided the email id is configured in branch against Auto Posting purpose.

Yes!  that can be very much be restricted by keying in docket no. At the time of invoicing.

  • In menu Go to control panel -> parametric set up
  • There exist an Option to make  Input of Docket no. Mandatory.
  • One the same is made mandatory than application does not allow to save the  invoices without key in docket no.
  • A docket no. is unique product wise and branch wise

Very Tricky situation! Gazebo comes for rescue for rectification of invoices without deleting the txn’s.
Follow the steps –
In Menu Go to other module ->Select Debtor in Invoice

  • Select the type of invoice, key in the Invoice no whose debtor is required to be altered.
  • Application will provide the information of invoice date, debtor name, and date of invoice.
  • An input filed is given against the prompt “Transfer to Debtor” in order to key in the correct debtor name and correct location.
  • Once correct name is provided click on save.
  • Application will transfer the debit of invoice from incorrect debtor to correct debtor.
  • Kindly note that this module shall only  transfer the debit to correct debtor.

 This can be done by yourself also. Time to time you need to clear the log.
Below are the steps of doing it :

  • In Menu Go to other module -> select PNR exception
  • Select the branch -> select clear type (Air / Airlines LCC.....)
  • Select appropriate radio button from exception or rejection
  • Give the date range for which you want to clear the log
  • And then click on delete button in order to have it actioned.

The resolution of this query lies in debtor master configuration.
To check the configuration follow the below mentioned steps :

  • In menu Go to updation -> debtor
  • Select debtor name and from drop down select “Reversal / Documentation of charge” option. Click on lens
  • You can view what all charges are ticked to be reversed at the time of refund.
  • Application will reverse only those charges which are ticked here.
  • If any charge is not ticked than this translates to charges not to be revered at the time of refund...

For this below are the steps you need to follow –

  • Go into reports URL (reports.intramgazebo.com) -> select internal MIS - administrative ->select user right
  • Select the branch for which you want topull out the information.
  • Application will generate an excel sheet mentioning all user names and all the rights given to them.
  • You can also save this excel for historical purposes

Customer Servicing can be enhanced by tracking different product sales requisitioned on a single travel order.

  • Make Requisition No. entry at invoicing level mandatory in Debtors profile and thereafter at invoicing.


  • Key in Travel Order No. (Requisition no.) And thereafter pull out the report depicting all product sales on any requisition no.

  • Click on support tab in the horizontal menu and shoot out the mail to Gazebo Support.
  • You will get the resolution of your issue with in stipulated time .

  • Click on Forgot Password link and the Gazebo will send you the password on email id as configured in your employee profile.
  • You just need to provide your company login id and your login id along with the email id and date of birth as mentioned in the profile created in Gazebo.

There is a report for the same.

  • Log in report URL (reports.intramgazebo.com)
  • Go to internal MIS -> administrative. There is one report back date tracking.
  • Give a date range for which back dating needs to be checked.
  • This report gives you detailed description of how many documents are generated at back date. 

This could be  an understanding issue.

  • While saving the credit notes which is not adjusted with an invoice application flashes a message, “Do you want to show credit note in D’Das”. There are 2 options cancel or OK.
  • Pressing cancel means you do not want to show credit notes to your clients and thus they will not appear in outstanding report. If pressed OK then credit notes will be displayed in outstanding report.
  • Depending on the selection made at that time credit notes are either displayed in outstanding or not.
  • If  you want to cross verify whether this is the reason than. Go to Menu -> other module -> select Transfer D’Das
  • Select debtor whose credit notes are not appearing  in outstanding and then select location.
  • Key in the date.
  • All credit notes which are marked as not to be shown in  outstanding report shall be visible.
  • Tag the documents which you want to show in outstanding and save thereafter.
  • Now these credit notes will be visible in outstanding report. 

Aha! Tricky situation but Gazebo gives you a very easy solution to this situation.

  • When you go to any Invoice module you can see an icon against invoice number before the Invoice date.
  • click on the icon it will display all deleted invoice numbers.
  • From there you can  choose the invoice number which are deleted.
  • Thereafter fill in rest of the details . This is how such invoices can be created.

 This is very simple. Customer Servicing can be enhanced by tracking different product sales on a single travel order.

  • There is an option to enter requisition number in each invoice.
  • Make Requisition No. entry at invoicing level mandatory in Debtors profile.
  • Go to Menu ->Updation -> Debtor -> select debtor and select Mandatory Inputs.
  • There tag / check against description - AMEX BTA Requisition number for all the tabs ( airlines , Hotel , Transport , Others)
  • When requisition number is made mandatory, invoicing cannot be completed without keying in the Requisition no.
  • There is a report by the name requisition tracking which gives you the report depicting all product sales on one requisition no.  The same can be generated thru reports.intramgazebo.com url.  Go in Client MIS -> Requisition Tracking .
  • Key in the requisition no. For which report is required.

This is very simple.

  • Just click on support tab in the horizontal menu to shoot out the mail to Gazebo Support.
  • You will get the resolution of your issue with in the stipulated time during the working hours on your email id.

This is very simple in Gazebo. The inheritance of the rights from one user to another user can be accomplished by a single click of mouse.

  • Go to Menu -> control Panel -> User Rights
  • In user rights select one user to whom you have given the required rights and thereafter click on lens icon
  • Application will open the page which shall show the rights given to the selected user.
  • There you have an option “Carry Rights to”. Click on it and from the drop down box select the other user to whom you wish to grant the same rights.
  • Clicking on save shall result in granting rights  to the user.
  • In the same manner you can grant rights to other users also.

This is very simple and can be done from your end itself .

  • In menu go to control Panel -> User Rights .  Select the user who needs to be given login for limited period and click on lens icon.
  • Another form shall get opened up . There key in the date against ‘Access Allow Up To’
  • After the aforesaid date the user would be denied access into Gazebo.

This is made quite simple in GAZEBO.

  • Gazebo has a pre-formatted excel template for uploading the itemized bill details of outstanding.
  • Go to Menu -> control Panel -> opening detail. From there download the template.
  • Fill the data and then save the file in CSV format. Before filling the data read all the notes carefully.
  • Upload the CSV file by giving the path where the file is saved.
  • You can now generate detailed outstanding, ageing and knock off reports.

Follow the below mentioned steps for configuration of Corporate Purchase Card (CPC).

  • Go to Menu -> control panel -> Parametric set up
  • Select the card type from Amex / Visa / Master / Diners than put the cardno and lastly select the credit card company G.L to which this card is required to be linked.
  • Click on + icon if one needs to key in more than one CPC card details.
  •  Once all the details of all cards are entered click on save icon. 
  • In case of manual invoicing in order to discharge the liability thru CPC card at the time of invoice creation click at  CPC  pull down and select the card no.  against which payment is required to be settled.
  •  Gazebo shall not only record the necessary accounting entry for payment to be done to supplier thru CPC but also knocks off and adjusts the credit of invoice with debit of cpc accounting entry.

  • GAZEBO offers some part of CRM functionalities to service your customers better.
  • Configure the birthdays, anniversaries of all the passengers belonging to a  customer.
  • For this Go to Menu -> Master -> Passenger -> there one  can key in details (along with the special dates ) related to each pax  against a customer.
  • Go to Menu -> Master -> Passenger -> Instead of keying in manually one after another. A CSV upload is also available. Download the template by clicking at the link download template. Fill in the details and upload the same by clicking at upload csv link.
  • You can also save details related to visa / passport  expiry, frequent flier number.
  • If you want to know whose birthday or anniversary falls on 5 days ahead of current date than go to Menu -> control panel -> Greeting alert module.
  • Click at anniversary radio button and input 5 against  no. of days ahead of current date thereafter click on lense icon.

     Application will filter out and display the list of passengers whose birthdays / anniversaries falls on 5 days ahead of current date.

  • If  you wish to send a message to a pax than click at check box against send and message shall be sent via pax email ID  configured in the profile created under passenger master.
  • If you wish to have automatic alert for birthdays / anniversaries as soon as you login in GAZEBO than that is also possible.
  • For that go to Control Panel ->User Rights  select your name from pull down and click on lense.
  • A form  gets opened up overthere look at “Alert for PR”  and tick on the check box against Birthday.
  • This can be done for Passport and Visa expiry also. One can click at the relevant check boxes to enable alert as soon as user logs in GAZEBO.

Yes, This is very much possible.

  • If you wish to restrict access to Gazebo from outside office premises, then in the user profile key in the office TCP / IP address.
  • Go to Menu -> control Panel -> User rights -> select the user whom you wish to restrict working outside office network.
  • There is a check box stating allow access after office. Yes or NO. in order to restrict the rights. Click on NO.
  • Application will then ask your office IP address. Save the IP address.
  • This user shall only be allowed  to access Gazebo  from Office network and not from anywhere else. 

This is very much possible and can be done from your end itself.

  • Go to Menu -> control Panel -> branch creation -> click on edit -> select branch for which you need to make the changes.
  • Select applicability link in front of Miscellenous Service tax.
  • A window will open showing  different charges which can be keyed in GAZEBO.
  • Now tick on the check box corresponding to the  charges on which you want to calculate service tax.
  • Now at invoicing level , the service tax as configured against Misc shall automatically gets calculated if those charges exist in an invoice which were made applicable in branch module.
  • This hold true for all product invoices.

Such option is available at your finger tips itself.

  • Go to Menu -> updation -> debtor
  • Select the debtor whose prompts for charges are required to be amended.
  • After selecting the debtor select option for “ Prompt for Service charge”
  • A form gets opened up. Listing out all the charges vertically i.e one after another and in front of each charge there exist a text box where in user can change the nomenclature of the charge. Save the changes
  • The revised name / prompt of the charges shall get printed on the invoices of this debtor. The invoices may be of any product.
  • In fact , at the time of manual invoicing the revised prompt of charges shall be visible on the form. For e.g if service fee is named as management fee than on the form of invoicing it will appear as management fee and not service fee.

Yes that is very much possible and is very simple.

  • In debtors master while creating debtor select the foreign currency in which the customer wants the billing to be denominated.
  • Go to Menu->Master->Debtors for creation of debtor  and select the currency from currency pull down.
  • If there already exist a debtor with currency as INR than it can be altered provided no transaction exist in that debtor.
  • For updation go to Menu -> Updation ->Debtor  select Name from pull down and thereafter click on lense.
  • The configured currency shall be visible on the form the same can be altered subject to condition stated above. Before the Invoice creation the ROE for that currency should have been keyed in GAZEBO.
  • In order to do so go to menu ->Master -> Roe
  • Key in the ROE’s against various currencies to which debtor belongs.
  • Once the ROE’s are configured user can raise respective product invoices / refunds / receipts
  • You can now generate the invoices, credit notes, ledgers and outstanding in the denominated foreign currency.
  • While creating invoices the values keyed in by the user shall be in currency to which debtor belongs.
  • The print of invoices shall be in the home currency of debtor.
  • Besides printing of invoices in home currency of debtor. GAZEBO allows you to generate ledger, outstanding, knocking off in home currency of debtor.

Gazebo gives you a very simple solution to this

  • Outside sales agent in GAZEBO is called as Care Of Sale.
  • One can create master of such agents by going in  Menu ->  Master->Care of sale
  • There you can save the names of outside or inside sales consultants who gives you business
  • Now while generating any product invoice select the particular name from  care of sale pull down
  • Thereafter pull out the report to track all sales or returns effected for concerned agent and to track his net productivity in terms of revenue or retention.
  • Login in reports.intramgazebo.com
  • Go to reports -> Internal MIS – sale / profit -> care of sales
  • It gives you detail of Net sales/ gross profit and outstanding.

Gazebo is designed to fulfil the requirements for both walk in and corporate customer. We understand the needs of both type of clients and so Invoice format is designed separately.  To activate format for the walk customers.

  • Go to updation -> debtor -> select the name of your debtor whose invoice format you need to change.
  • Select the option of Name from drop down. In the debtor’s profile, there is an option of Retail Invoice – AIR. Tick against the Retail Invoice box and save.
  • This invoice format is different from regular invoice format.
  • The Retail Invoice format is a 6 " format in portrait orientation and this in turn reduces the paper consumption to half. 

Gazebo gives you each and every solution to meet demands of your customers

  • Go to menu -> updation -> debtor -> Choose the debtor from help whose printing settings you want to change
  • Select Printing option. The page which opens up  shows you MIS component (GRO components). Tick against the  component you want to get printed. You can select max 5 components from each TAB Airlines / hotel / transport and others displayed under MIS components

Gazebo can make all your tedious jobs simpler just at the click of a mouse.

In the debtors profile select the option of Transfer of Handling Charges to another account. 

  • Go to menu - > updation -> debtor -> from there select the debtor whose handling you wish to transfer to some other account.
  • From the drop down options select Handling.
  • In the page that opens up you have a check box of “Transfer Airline handling to some other account”. Tick that check box. 
  • On this page itself you can select airlines from Domestic / International / LCC and select the method of calculation of handling either on fare or on commission basis. 
  • Save the method based on agreement with your client.
  • Bills will now be generated on gross basis but Gazebo shall calculate the handling charges as per the process defined by you and will store as memorandum value.
  • You may use this account to settle the customer claim on a periodical basis by going in other -> Transfer Pricing
  • For ledger posting of memorandum handling values go to the above stated option and select the debtor account /  the month and fortnight and select handling against transfer pull down.
  • The list of invoices on which handling was calculated and list of refunds on which handling got reversed shall get displayed.
  • Saving on the voucher shall result in debiting of handling  account designated for that debtor.

This is not so tough as it sounds..

  • Go to menu -> updation -> debtor -> select the debtor from whom this request has come. 
  • Select the option of Printing. 
  • From this page you have an option of Clubbing. From there select the charges (service fee / service charge) which you want to club under fare.
  • Application shall club all the charges that you have selected and these shall be clubbed with fare.  These charges will not appear separately.

Gazebo  has an option of giving a Self Service options to your clients.

  • In the debtors profile select d-Das option to activate the facility of self service.
  • Go to menu -> updation -> debtor -> select the particular debtor and select Name from pull down.
  • There is an option of Email D’Das. Give the email id of concerned person and click on generate password . This action shall send an Email at the keyed in email id mentioning the login details in self service tools.
  • On Name form there is another check box named as reports if this checked than debtor shall be able to view the reports on their own in self service tool.
  • There is a separate URL ddas.intramgazebo.com to view/print invoices, credit notes / reports.
  •  Your corporate customer can now retrieve, view or print invoices, credit notes, receipts and Outstanding’s.
  • Your corporate can also generate exhaustive MIS to analyse his business provided report check box is checked.

Just don’t panic.. we can give you a much easy and simpler way of doing it.

  • Go to menu -> other -> select Knock off -> from there select many to many csv.
  • From there download the template by clicking at download template link. 
  • Key in the data in the excel sheet by reading all the notes carefully. 
  • One needs to key in the pair that is debit document type , document number ,debit document branch code and credit document type , credit document no. , credit document branch code and the amount which is required to be adjusted.
  • Save the file in CSV format.
  • Now  select the debtor name and handover the csv to system by clicking at upload csv.
  • Once uploaded it shall adjust the unadjusted documents as per the linking in the csv.

No, Gazebo reduces your work for such cases.

  • In Gazebo while generating an invoice you can key in the discharge details. In discharge thru option you can select the option by which your client is paying you cash / cheque / credit card.
  • Gazebo generates an auto receipt of the payment mode entered. 
  • Depending upon the mode application shall ask for some input for e.g if mode is cash than cash account is needed , if mode is cheque than cheque no. / Micr needs to be keyed in . And if modet is credit card than card details are required to be keyed in.
  • Along with the invoice application shall generate the invoice plus discharge document also and simultaneously adjusts the invoice with the receipt.
  • These discharge details are printed on the face of the invoice with the details of mode of payment. 
  • This eliminates the need to record the receipt and print the receipt separately for the payment made.