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Support Center

Call : +91 8595231139 / 8595237754 Email : igsupport@intramgazebo.com

We have set up a world-class support infrastructure which assists you and enables you to optimize your investments. Our support infrastructure has been created keeping in mind the demands and challenges faced by you and your team , so that you can quickly address and respond to the dynamic and ever-changing business needs.

support-center-picWe support you right from the time you say yes to Gazebo for your business transformation. With years of experience in the enterprise software segment, we ensure best service levels possible, while delivering cost efficiencies. We have dedicated teams, assigned specific roles to provide consistent and prompt service to our customers. Each team's activities are synchronized with the 24x7 Contact Center and Online Query Tracking System. An array of support services ensures successful implementation and sustains your business beyond this phase.


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