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"Do you have the passion for technology & travel and want to be a part of a start up engaged in developing products which shall bring about a paradigm shift in the way the industry works ?"

"Do you want to be a part of agile entrepreneurial environment which encourages innovation and novel thought process?" "Do you want to work in a workplace where you get a chance to upgrade your technical skills and soft skills?"

If your eyes light up reading the above three statement, then you are the one we are looking for! We are looking for passionate, energetic and entrepreneurial candidates who can work with us to develop our products from ground up.
The necessary skills for all the jobs are:

Excellent communication skills : The candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills. The candidate should be able to effectively understand the work requirements, ask questions and clarify doubts to avoid re-work.

Passion for perfection :
Candidate should be self motivated about the delivering results with perfection . We will encourage such passion as we will give opportunity to the candidate to increase his/her learning curve exponentially on the job.

Great work ethics : This is something which is inculcated and not learnt. In an agile and start-up model, a candidate with strong ethical backbone is able to handle the pressure well and communicate effectively.

We encourage honesty in our workplace. On time high quality delivery is the standard we expect but candidate should be able to raise red flag when he/she is seeing delay in delivery (due to any circumstances) and should be able to articulate properly the reason of delay, if any.

Ability to go above and beyond the job requirements: The candidate should be able to go above and beyond the job requirements and able to put his best foot to deliver & delight the client with the deliverables.

Ability to learn new techniques / technologies and implement quickly: In software industry, any one who can implement quickly is valued the most! If you are that rock star, we want you!